Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cambridge Brewing Company's Tall Pale Ale

Cambridge Brewing Company started up in 1989 with the mission to pop out a variety of American style hooch along with a blend of booze they interpret from the world with a dash of some of their own creations. They are located in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts and host around 10 beers at a time along with a long spread of lunch and dinner meals. I strolled into this place for one reason, it was hotter than a Justin Bieber concert on the sun and they got some AC in there. What kept me in the was the fact the "3 EPs" from the Beta Band was playing in there which ranks as all time, 2nd place for best music I've walked into a bar hearing. The first being "Jinx Removing" from Jawbreaker at Toronado in San Diego.

The owner, Phil Bannatyne, started off in the San Francisco area and studied Brewing Science at UC-Davis; which my guidance counselor NEVER told me was an option in high school. He's teamed up with brewmaster, Will Meyers, who's been making booze for 20-odd years and has a profile so flattering it almost sounds like he wrote it himself. Rumor has it that he can shred the gnar like whoa. I've never had the food here but the place is really clean so I assume it's probably pretty good, or as Tourette's Guy would say, ".....pretty good."

These cats are always cooking up tons of beers and constantly adding them to their repertoire; I can't even begin to list all the types of seasonal beers they have. Their beer lists are very thorough and detailed so it is clear that these guys know what they are doing.

Their "Tall Pale Ale" is hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops, both from the wort and dry hopped. Any any hopping on this magnitude should, in my opinion done here or with an IPA so it is no surprise that I personally find this pale ale to be hoppier than most conventional pale ales, and they also admit that themselves. They also use malts of caramel and pale which is pretty conventional. This brew leaves a hoppy, bitter aftertaste in your mouth and has an almost citrus scent to it. Their menu says its 5.8% ABV and their website says 5.7% but I'll tell you what, I went in there after not eating for 31 hours and I'll be damned if I wasn't lightheaded after one. A pint ran $5 which for Cambridge is not bad. Next door was selling pints of Butt Light for 4 bones so it's easier to justify buying than a Chinese prostitute; and let's face it, we've all been there.

The ambiance of the place is great, high ceilings and exposed bricks and their wide and revolving beer selections will continue to keep me coming back. The pale ale is good for IPA fans and anyone who is a fan of hops. If you are looking for a maltier smoother pale ale, you might want to look elsewhere, but, like I said, you can come here for some pretty decent beers aside from this baby. Their beers are on draft only and I think they might have growlers to go. I've been in so many bars lately it's hard to keep track.

Drinkability: 4/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: 5/10
Ambiance: 8/10 (only on tap)

Overall: 5.75/10

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