Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

Whether you want to get your crunk on or merely cyberchat with a couple of teenage babes from Milwaukee; you should crack one of these babies and crank the crap out of this.

Remember four and twenty years ago we reviewed Sierra Nevada for the first time and totally talked about the history of the brewery? Well, if "no" then click here to learn a little more about the brewery.

This is Sierra Nevada's Celebration FHIPA. It's a FHIPA due to its "fresh" hops (fresh as Will Smith's career) and IPA as crap. How "crap", may you ask? 65 IBU IPA MF. That's along the lines of Founder's Centennial if you are in "the know". If you aren't Kool and the Gang then I'll say this "It's relatively bitter". It's 6.8% ABV so you can't slug this like "Sweet" Lou Whittaker slugged tons of homers in 1987. But it has a crisp taste flood with hops tickling the outside of your tongue; leaving a bitter, dryness to the back of your throat. It has a hint of citrus and pine which it totallllllly normal for an IPA.

It has a reddish/brown hue and a cloudy appearance like many IPA before him. That being said, they starting brewing this junk in 1981, the same year Candy Maldonado debuted for the Dodgers.

I got the five finger discount on this beer which mean my buddy left it over here during a visit. I feel like I earned it for being such a good friend and I'm totally going to drink the crap out of them. You can probably get a six pack for about $9 at your local party store. It's packs the punch of about 10 beers so you are getting your money's worth. Oh you gunna git yo money.

I've had this before and it never really disappoints. I usually veer away from breweries this big that sell expensive beer and I guess that's on me because this is a tasty beverage. Clearly I'd prefer to stick with a smaller microbrewery that might be a little more under the radar but the truth is that Sierra Nevada makes a heck of a beer and I like the beer and them. I will get their stuff when selection is low and I want to treat myself, and trust me, I've drank plenty of Sierra Nevada in my day but they don't bring all the girls to the yard like midwest microbreweries...what was I saying? I'd buy this.

Drinkability: 8/10
Taste: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Curb Appeal: 6/10

Overall: 7.00/10