Michael Farradae

Name: Michael Farradae
Age: 33
Home State: The commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Favorite Beers: Cinder Cone Red Ale from Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Oregon (currently discontinued),  Murphy's Irish Red (Originally from Cork, Ireland; bought by Heineken Brewery International in 1983, and Ballast Point Yellowtail, San Diego, CA.

Favorite Type of Beer: Red
Favorite Beer on a Budget: PBR Light
Favorite Light Beer: Amstell Light
Favorite Brewery: Ballast Point (San Diego, CA)
Least Favorite Beer: Coors Light
Least Favorite Type of Beer: Octoberfests & Pumpkin

Drinking with Celebrities:  "One time I was drinking in a dive bar in my hometown.  All of a sudden a man walks and I immediately shout "'Jeff Goldblum! Jeff Goldblum!' He ignores me and orders a drink.  I run up to my friend and exclaim that Jeff Goldblum is in the bar.  I knew it wasn't him but it sure looked like him.  Also, I was drinking in a dive and a guy looked like the white haired crony from 'Total Recall'.  Wasn't him either."

Favorite Drinking Songs:
CCR - Looking Out My Back Door
Kiss - Strutter
Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
Toto - Rosanna

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