Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cambridge Brewing Company's Hefe-Weizen

Information regarding the CBC can be read here in the review of the Tall Pale Ale.

Cambridge Brewing Company has a relatively good reputation for putting out good beers as they've received countless awards of their beers, nine of which made a "top 100 of New England beers". This sack of crap didn't make it for warranted and justifiable reasons.

I love wheat beers for multiple reasons. The most prominent being that it counts as a fruit AND grain on my food pyramid. This particular beer had some apricotish undertones and a general fruity taste. I like putting in a lemon in my heffs but this one required zero fruit. I dunno. It sorta tasted like Purple Haze which got an equally scathing review. I'm sort of a Do-It-Yourself sorta guy. Example: Someone asks me to help them move and I say "Do it yourself". Or I get so drunk during it they have to ask me to stop. But when I get a beer and I want it fruitened. I'll fruit it myself. No need infuse bullshit flavor into your beer. And how dare you assume I want my beer fruity. The nerve. Aside from the unappealing flavor I also didn't jive with the consistency of it. It tasted watered down and bland. The scent was weak and I feel a nice strong hefeweissen should have a robust and strong aroma. Like a silverback gorilla punching you in the face. They use pilsner and wheat malts, though probably not enough, and Bavarian ale yeast. I'll say what I said when I ejected from my mother's womb, "I'm not here to make friends". CBC are smart fellas (and ladies) and they know a lot of beer and I don't argue they intended the beer to taste like this, but I vote a huge pass on this beer. Their target demographic?
I wouldn't take this beer off their list, but I would not market this as strictly a hefeweissen. The day is going to come a large German man will order these and punch the bartender square in the nose. Leave this beer for the ladies and get to work on a full bodied heff. For such a light tasting beer they still crammed some serious alcohol in it; reaching 5.5% ABV. This also ran me $5 a pint which isn't bad for the area at all and it's only around until Labor Day, so hurry up and go to CBC and be sure not to order the Heff.

Drinkability: 6/10
Taste: 3/10
Value: 4/10
Ambiance: 8/10 (only on tap)

Overall: 5.25/10

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