Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simplier Times' Lager

Sometimes I like to say that I wished I lived back in the day, you know, when things were a little simpler. Back before iPads, Facebook, and modern vaccination schedules. Life probably moved at a slower pace and there was less crap to be deluged with on a minute-to-minute basis. However, if this is the beer they drank back in those so-called simpler times, count me out. I'll take global warming and over-population for a better tasting beer. Simpler Times Lager has a strong, awful, almost sour taste to it on first taste, which could be the above-average 6.2% alcohol making itself known. Or it could be the below-average quality beer coming out of the can. As far I as I can tell, it is only sold at Trader Joe's (both in CA and NC), for the amazing low price of $3.99 / six-pack. According to the can, it has been around since 1846. Pabst Blue Ribbon has been around since 1844, and has at least won a single god-damned award. That's one more than Simpler Times Lager has won. The next time you are in the market for a low-cost American style lager, choose the Ribbon. Even if it is a total hipster beer now that is sold at Whole Foods with a sense of irony, its still more complex and better than Simpler Times.

Drinkability: 3/10
Taste: 3/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 4.7/10


  1. this hails from wisconsin and is the 10th largest brewery in the USA. they make like a dozen different beers but at 2.99 a sixer i doubt doubt this tastes like rat piss.

  2. Funny you should mention rat piss, Freak Out! I picked up some of this for a festival in a park because Trader Joe's was the only store within walking distance that sold the sauce. One sip of this and I actually compared it to piss. Or... what I would think piss tastes like. But that's just me.

  3. Well that's just because you're a regular ol' hoochhound.

  4. I bought a six pack of this, thought it was nasty, but am still drinking it. Only two left in the fridge. I can't will myself to throw it out. I just think of those starving kids in Africa and how they would be so happy to have a single beer, let alone six. We have it so nice in this country, but its easy to forget.