Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carlsberg Brewery's Okocim Malt Liquor

So dig this. Okocim used to rock it's own brewery then Carlsberg acquired, like, in the 90's, so that Okocim can brew Carlsberg, which sounds like a bunch of feel loving hogwash, if you ask me. When I think of malt liquor I think of the typical Colt 45, or maybe some Old English 40's, of Mickey's...and then mornings bombarded with severe headaches and patches of lost consciousness. This has a stronger taste than other Polish beers but it's actually pretty good stuff. It doesn't leave an overbearing taste in your mouth. I wouldn't make out with a buncha chicks after this, and probably wouldn't be very successful in the process, but I can easily tear through a sixer of this real easy at the bowling alley, which could be devastating given its 7.0% ABV. The price is definitely right; I paid three Washingtons for 500mL. I liked the bottle because it reminded me on IBC root beer; and I love root beer. But don't be confused, this is regular beer; it gets you drunk, and its cheaper and IBC root beer. I'm tabbing a big W on this one but it could really use a guy with a mustache on the label.

Drinkability: 6/10
Taste : 5/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 6.7/10


  1. i actually had this like it a LOT more than I did, but i left most of it on college ave in a puddle after a few mcchickens

  2. I gave it a 5 on is that liking it too much? Value is where it really shines.