Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pabst Brewing Company's Old Style Lager

From the geniuses who brought you PBR, I pronounce to you, Old Style Lager! Jam it!

We covered a little bit on Pabst Brewing Company in this review of PBR or Old Milkwaukee but I'm sure I can find some more banter to discuss

First of all, we should mention the stellar line up Pabst has to offer us beer drinkers and hell raisers. Pabst beers are the "Don't you mess with me buddy" beer I like to drink at bars. These beers typically are drank but righteous dudes in dive bars that you know not to mess with and, of course, hipsters. Fortunately, the hipsters haven't moved to Old Milz yet, so there is still time.

So Pabst's root go back to 1844 where Jacob Best started a brewery and later named it after brew-druid Frederick Pabst. They currently are the holding company for such brands (brace yourself) as Schaefer's, Schlitz, St. Ide's, and Stroh's to name a few; talk about a line-up. I am loving these guys the more I read about em.

They hail from Woodbridge, Illinois; which is west of Woodbridge, Virginia and currently making it's move to it's new home in, bleh, LA.

Old Style, itself, was first brewed in 1902. I like to think it was to commemorate the death of Jack the Ripper. It was brewed in the Heileman Brewing Company in 'Consin. It grew some serious popularity in the midwest. The brewing moved to another location when the brewery was sold to City Brewing Company. Apparently their LaCrosse beer is identical to Old Style.

Plus, Old Style is Kräusened, which means wort is added to the beer when it is bottled. This encourages the yeast to further ferment. This will clean up the flavor and OBVIOUSLY reduce the levels of diacetyl and acetaldehyde you bozo! Go back to school, damn! This is pretty common in Belgian beers apparently, if you didn't already knoooww thaaat.

This baby tips the scales at 4.7% ABV and this 24oz goliath only rang up like $2. You'd have to be as smart as baboon-lobster lab experiment if you don't buy it.

It pours easy, don't much head on it and a crisp, clean look to it. I hardly saw any acetaldehyde. It has a yeasty, lagery smell to it. Drinks heavier than a light beer, but comparable to it's Budweiser and Coors counterparts. Pretty enjoyable. Having a profound appreciation of Old Style can get you pretty far with Chicago-ians.

It's a good beer for a good price. You might see Jay Cutler sipping on one of these or some classy bum in the street.

Drinkability: 7/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: 8/10
Curb Appeal: 8/10

Overall: 7.25/10

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