Saturday, November 12, 2011

Peter Straub's Special Dark

So, you say you long for a beer that tastes like late autumn, football, hockey, beards and fires in fireplaces? BOOM. Straub Special Dark in yr MOUTH! Made in beautiful St. Mary's, PA, this amber delicacy is a great full bodied lager that warms you up in all the right places, kinda like a Snuggie that you can sip. And from a brewery founded in 1872 that boasts an eternal tap that comes out of a freaking rock, you probably shouldn't expect anything less than greatness. Peter Straub is responsible for all of this. Here is the most interesting google image result for Peter Straub:

I am blaming this greatness solely on haunting and magic.

Straub's Extra Dark offers some really unique tastes in a dark lager that somehow, despite the color and taste, is surprisingly drinkable and doesn't make you feel like you downed a christmas ham when you drink 4 beers. I'm really quite bad at describing tastes accurately and more of a fan of describing them with an event, (See Brooklyn Pennant Ale's description of tasting like a twinight double header at forbes field) so ill say that Straub's Extra Dark tastes a lot like sitting on a giant, overstuffed leather couch in front of a fireplace in a luxurious hunting cabin after a bow hunting excursion while watching a hockey game at 5pn when it's already dark. Kinda like that.

And in true Straubers fashion, a case of these bad boys was a great value, running me about 22 bucks for a case of bottles at the local distro, If only they would come in returnable bottles. One can dream.

So, if you like a transcendental experience while you suck down a few beers, grab some of these, put on a flannel, and check out for a few hours.