Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goose Island Brewery's India Pale Ale

Hey turkeys, this is a review of Goose Island's IPA. Now you might remember I talked about Goose Island here, so I won't go into that again.

I am not too into IPAs, as you might know, but I tell ya, I've tasted a few in the past year that is really starting to change my mind. Now this is not a strong IPA, it only has 55 IBUs, so that's probably why I like it; beer that have IBUs in the 80s and higher, that's where I draw the line. They use Syrian, Fuggle, Cascade and Centennial hops; but apparently they use them in moderation.

It's got a nice golden color with a clean, medium head. The smell is bittersweet, with a grassy undertone. The taste is crisp and refreshing. It's fullbodied and has a medium hop flavor to it. It has a bitter aftertaste that you would expect from a IPA. Again, I got a sampler at the grocery store for $13 for a 12 pack, so you'd have to be a total loser to not buy this! Most of their beers have decent alcohol percentages and the IPA doesn't disappoint at 5.9%.

Everything I've had from these guys has been real rad so I'd suggest picking up this variety pack to anyone who has the necessary means to. The sampler ranks among the best samplers I've ever had. If you ever visit me, make me buy this for you.

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