Saturday, June 4, 2011

Highland Brewing Company Oatmeal Porter

Oh Asheville, NC. I still want to visit you, because you are supposedly so pretty and awesome and have great bands, but your beer from Highland Brewing Company is now 0-for-2 with me. Click here for a previous review of HBC's Kashmir IPA.

This beer is an oatmeal porter. I've only been exposed to oatmeal stouts before, but in this case its an oatmeal porter. So it won't be as heavy and bitter and malty as a stout, its more like a porter. Which is why its called a porter. It is very black in color, similar to that of meconium, and has hints of chocolate and is a bit malty and nutty, due to the oatmeal name. The taste is very strong and long lasting, and would be nice to enjoy in the cold, not in the 95 degree heat like I stupidly did. At 5.8% ABV, its a little higher than average, and a six-pack runs about $9 or so.

This wasn't a terrible beer, I've definitely had worse, but I don't think I would pick it up again. HBC does offer 4 other beers, of which I've seen two around town, so I will have to give them a try too to try to up my overall HBC batting average. Hitting 0.290 might be great for baseball, but not in the world of beer tasting, my friends. And hitting 0.000, well that's just terrible in any walk of life. Unless it is your STD batting average, then that is perfect-o! 

Drinkability: 5/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: 5/10
Curb Appeal: 7/10

Overall: 5.75/10


  1. i almost threw up when i looked up to see what meconium was. I should have figured.

  2. I'm sorry, I should have put a disclaimer, at least a NSFW or something ...