Sunday, June 26, 2011

Magic Hat Brewery's Blind Faith IPA

You know what the best thing about "The Cleveland Show" is? It's so bad I chose to do beer reviews rather than watch it. So that works out for everyone I get.

This is South Burlington, Vermont's Magic Hat "Blind Faith" IPA. As you may know, I am not a fan of IPAs or Magic Hat. The last time I had Magic Hat beer I was at my buddy's wedding and I was using a bottle to open another bottle because we couldn't find a bottle opener. So I've done this tons of times before but on this particular time, the top of the whole bottle popped off, slicing my hand open in the hotel room. I hadn't known the severity of the cut (it was a wedding after all) and over the course of a few minutes I had inadvertently bled all over the hotel room. Awesome wedding though.

Justin has already covered Magic Hat #9 and their Wacko beers, so I took the liberty of completing the trifecta.

Magic Hat started up in 1994 in North Burlington, also known as "Burlington" and later moved to a new location in South Burlington in 1997. I know; very exciting. In 2010 it was purchased by North American Brewers, whjim you might know from their other "investments" Pyramid, Dundee (Honey Brown), and Genesee. There isn't too much information on Magic hat brewery. How or why it started and things of that nature. When a brewery doesn't advertise that it usually can be assumed it didn't have any good reason to start, which is unfortunate. One thing that stand out from Magic Hat if their "You are a Winner" caps. Now I'm used to seeing this phrase everywhere I go but if you pop your cap and it says that on the underside, mail it to Magic Hat and you get a bottle opener. That will shit street cred where ever you go. They are also pretty good about being involved in beer tastings and summer events. They also sell some pretty good art prints on their site if your really into their art.

My philosophy with Magic Hat is that the name has way more appeal than the actual beers. They've marketed it really well and it's curb appeal is real high but it isn't really that good of a beer. It's pretty overpriced for what it is. Whenever I see it at the store, I'm like, "Oh man, I should get that." But really, their stuff isn't anything too special.

So this is their IPA. I don't like a too bitter beer and this one is surprisingly smooth. The IBU is only 60 which is pretty low for an IBU. This is most likely do to the Apollo Hops the use in conjunction with the Cascade Hops. A lot of breweries may use Cascade Hops exclusively. Another thing that's pretty cool because the ABV is 6.2% which means a few of these will knock you on your damn lilly. It's got a bitter, floral scent. The malts used are Crystal and Pale, which is pretty typical. It actually is a little maltier, and smoother than a lot of IPAs.

I got this is a sampler pack for $15 bucks. There are better samplers out there but this one isn't horrible. It's better than getting a sampler of Sam Adams or something and the IPA is mellower than most IPAs I've had. The sampler also had #9, Wacko and Single Chair. I find the variety of, I don't like the Wacko either. So, I mean, maybe this isn't that good of a deal. If you can find someone who like Wacko and IPA's, maybe you could split it with them? I dunno. I probably wouldn't get this sampler again. The Blind Faith is pretty good though, for an IPA.

Drinkability: 6/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: 5/10
Curb Appeal: 7/10

Overall: 6.0/10