Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carolina Brewing Company IPA

Oh no, not another beer from Carolina Brewing Company! I swear that might sue us for libel soon if I give them another poor review. You can read my reviews of their not so fantastic Nut Brown Ale (5.3/10) and Pale Ale (4.0/10) elsewhere on the blog. But not to worry, I Love the Sauce necktie-wearing corporate executives and board of directors (yes we do have those!), I won't get us sued. I might actually get us some advertising, as the Carolina Brewing Company makes a fine and tasty IPA (the sound you just heard was the I Love the Sauce CEO making a very loud "PHEW!" noise and relaxing into his luxurious alligator skin recliner while lighting a cigarette with a $100 bill. Or that was the sound of him swearing after making another triple bogey on Tiger Woods PGA Tour and burying his head in frustration into his IKEA futon - one scenario is more likely than the other, I'll let you decide).

I've covered the Carolina Brewing Company before, but here is a new tidbit: one of their founder's is named "Zee." That's a pretty rad name. I wonder though if it is short for something, like Zallowishus, or Zelda even. I do like how the Brits and other Europeans say the letter "Z" as "Zed." It sounds so much tougher. Remember the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Lord Zedd was the baddie in that series. Look at his picture! That dude is fuckin scary! Especially to pre-teens and stoned college kids! In case you're interested, you can buy a Lord Zedd t-shirt here. You're welcome!

Alright, down to this IPA. It's really yummy. It has a very strong flavor, which I enjoy in IPAs. I was really surprised about how much it tasted like a good beer, given the history of me and the CBC, but I gotta say it was really good. It has a nice stays-in-your-mouth a while after taste, with a good combination of bitterness and a hint of fruit/citrus. As with any IPA, you don't want to do kegstands with it, or funnels even, unless you want to throw up immediately, you twisted person you. It's nice for sipping on a cool evening, or for enjoying during polite conversation about the history of people named Zed. It runs at 5.4% ABV, and costs about $8-9 a six-pack, so decent value overall. But it has the stink of the CBC on it, so the curb appeal might take a hit, but hopefully this review has restored your faith in the CBC.

So please CBC, don't hate us, sponsor us! Email me for our mailing address. Our CEO will be happy :)

Drinkability: 5/10
Taste: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Curb Appeal: 5/10

Overall: 6.0/10

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