Monday, May 14, 2012

Bavik Brewery's Wittekerke Blonde Ale

As many of you already know I am a huge fan of "Sweet Lou" Whitaker and this is about as close you Belgians get! Picture this as a hybrid of Lou Whitaker and Kirk Gibson.  As Pat Sajak would say "Sweet Lou" Whita-Kirk.

So beers of less than 12 ounces appeal to me almost as much as beers in excess of 12 ounces so when my buddy said we should drink this in a bar that I presume used to be an opium den how could I refuse?

So Bavik brewery was started in 1894 by a real class act in Belgium and was just a local beer locals would find at the local brothels and shit. Then like, in 1950 they started exporting their stuff around; they figured they could sell it.  So they sold it and made some cash.  Few decades after that, you got a fourth generation Belgian making a little 11.2 oz beer.

Here's the thing about these lil guys.  Like most blondes, they go down FAST! So before you know it, you might be a few shades to the wind cuz you slammed like 4 in a row to impress some old biker chick at the end of the bar...she looked at you like you were a big sissy.  And at five bucks a pop, you can't be slamming these for too long before you get kicked out for stiffing them on your tab.  They are 5.0% ABV so they aren't like, mind erasers.  I feel these would be a hit at BBQs cuz you can slam them and they wouldn't get warm in time.  Plus people like funny things at BBQs so who would like a little baby beer that you can sing to sleep.  Cuz in your dreams nothin' can hurt ya.

It's a pretty dry taste, it makes you want to slam em even more.  Like, it's refreshing, but by the time you finish your chug you are thirsty again.  I'd consider mowing a lawn to this.  Riding mower though, unless some hot babe in a bikini was around to give me a new one after every lap around the field.  I also feel these are ideal for softball games because you can chug em in between innings pretty well.

I never actually got to see these beers cuz I was drinking out of the can like a real patriot.  And I couldn't sacrifice not looking tough in front of that biker chick.  So needless you say, I didn't take any obnoxious sniffs and look like a real piece of shit.  I only do that at home.

Would I get it again? Most likely.  It has a nice crisp taste and looks pretty rad.  Not cost effective whatsoever but that's the price you gotta pay to look cool.

Drinkability: 8/10
Taste: 8/10
Value: 2/10
Curb Appeal: 7/10

Overall: 6.25/10

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