Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grupo Modelo's Especial Lager

The only thing special about this beer is how common it is! POW!!! I mean not in a bad way,; you can just buy it anywhere. Grocery Stores, Liquor stores....some of the classier gas stations. I mean it's the third most imported beer in the US. Which means if you never seen this before you're either:

B.) Ukrainian

I like Modelo because of their marketing strategy: "We're not Tecate, we're a good one." Modelo pretty much kept it at that and I'll always consider it when buying a beer; like tonight for instance. I love 24 ounce beers because they are great for the work week. Like, tonight, I don't wanna drink more than one beer but want a lot of beer. And Modelo is great for chugging. Kids agree; it's the tops! So it's from Mexico, big whoop! I don't drink your water; why would I drink your beer? Because it's good; that's why, you ding-dong! I got that baby for like $3.50 at the grocery store, which sounds kind of high but, man, they had some double deuces well over 10 greenbacks! So I went with this because, shucks, I can review it. It's only 4.4% ABV so if you wanna get a little buzz, give it the old "college try" and chug that bastard!

So you can see the color; no big surprise it's golden, like Goldilocks' hair. It taste like a wheaty, light beer. I mean at that ABV you can slam these babies down, hard! I'm talking like 12 is a walk in the park, like you're still eating pizza and thinking about 7-11 for maybe a little ice cream treat. I mean you earned a treat, you had a good day. Just top it off with those Ice Cream Twix they have in their freezer. They just got them in. They used to carry the strawberry shortcake shit that you never liked in the first place. Good riddens to that! And scale a fence. This is a great beer to be drinking if you are going to do a lot of illegal shit, because you can run from the cops or Michele Albanese's mom. If only we could have afforded Modelo instead of Beast Ice.

In conclusion...this is a very satisfactory beer. I still drink it as a treat when I typically treat myself to an Old Style or PBR pounders.

Drinkability: 9/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: 5/10
Curb Appeal: 6/10

Overall: 6.5/10

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