Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paper City Brewing's P.C. Blue Ale

New England and blueberry beers go hand in hand. I honestly don't claim to understand it, or New Englanders for that matter. Now, I'm a large fan of blueberries; blueberry jam, blueberry pancakes; handful of blueberries in my mouth, but the idea of blueberries and beer together has two results, typically. It is either a really good idea, or a really bad idea. Some things go good together, such as peanut butter and bacon hamburgers, or chicken nuggets and chocolate milkshakes. Other things, such as popsicles and scotch, do not. But...they possibly could...?

You might remember a little bit about Paper City Blue-ery from this re-blue. Every sampler seems have a fruity, or equally disgusting beer in their variety pack and Paper City is no different. I was actually going to leave these behind for the squadron of babes that visit on a regular basis but then I realized it would be more beneficial if I consumed this alcohol, in the name of science and the blog; so I did. I can see the feigning spirits of the babe army outside the door.

This beer is surprisingly not bad. It'd put it up there with the Wasschusett Blueberry Beer as far as quality goes. I don't particularly like blueberry beer but this one isn't too overbearing. Some flavored beers are fruit first, beer second, but this is not the case. The scent is clearly overrun with with blueberry fragrance and the taste also has a strong blueberry taste to it, but it's more of a strong, yet subtle aftertaste. You know this is a blueberry beer when you are drinking it, but if you have gotten over the acceptance that you are drinking a blueberry beer, it's actually quite enjoyable. It actually sits a little heavy on the stomach so it isn't like you can drink 1,000 of these in one sitting but as far as taste and smell go, its pretty enjoyable.

I find the label to be mild to extremely Busch league and you can't very well go around drinking this in front of a bunch of dudes and look macho. If you have a live in girl at your place, picking up this variety pack isn't a bad idea, because girls like to fit in and drink beer like they're as cool as guys, so they can drink three of these and be happy. Plus, I'm drinking them and I haven't died yet, ya know? So it isn't that bad, just not that good. I'm still macho as shit though.

Much like Marble Madness for Nintendo, every great idea needs "a bad one" and this is it, as far as Paper City is concerned. Not bad, just not great; but good for a blueberry ale.

Drinkability: 6/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: ???/10
Curb Appeal: 3/10

Overall: 5.0/10

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