Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clown Shoes Brewery's Brown Angel Double Brown Ale

If you think this blog writes stuff that has no relevancy to anything, we've got nothing on these guys. Mercury Brewing Company is located in Ipswitch, Massachusetts and was founded in 1999. It was originally called Ipswitch Brewing Company (founded in 1991) but had an alliance with United States Beverage for some marketing support and junk and tons of stuff went down, they started and continue to make soda pop...i dunno. Apparently, this beer is brewed there; to make a long story short. And as always, what I don't know, I make up.

Clown Shoes has about six regular brews they push out, then some seasonal ones as the seasons change, obviously. These brewers actually seem like pretty decent characters as they try to take the bullshit and pretension out of brewing since they were founded in 2009. Their labels are rather scandalous so that obviously appeals to me. (But if I was doing it there'd be a lot more topless women on motorcycles, ey oh!)

Now for the beer. I'm sampling the Brown Angel Double Brown Ale; how something can be double brown I can't tell you. The taste itself has a cool, bitter coffee bite to it mixed with a touch of cocoa flavor that really zaps the sour section of taste buds on your tongue, in a good way. That makes you salivate and the left over chocolate aftertaste drools to below your tongue and attacks the sweet. Next thing you know you're drooling more than Gary Glitter at a cub scout convention. This beer is really good though. It's got a great head on it, like yours truly, and you can tell if you pass out before washing your glass because the bubbles are gonna be hard as shit to clean off your glass, which will be easy to do given its 7.0% ABV. The taste is smooth and the smell is actually hard to conjure up, especially given the full bodied taste. It taste similar to Snow Cap Winter Ale which bring up the point, this is a sipping beer. It's not marketed to the winter season but this isn't something you want to be drinking when your mowing the lawn. I recommend drinking it in the evening when its cold or when you're inside with the AC on watching your girlfriend mow the lawn...unless your single, then when you're inside with the AC on watching the glass get longer.

I'd definitely get this again but not so much when the temperature gets into the ungodly 90+ degree range; but I'm a sissy like that. I picked up a double-deuce for $6.99 which is by no means a steal. This is a better beer to steal from a baby but regardless I cannot wait to try more stuff from these guys, but at $7.00 a bottle, it might not be anytime soon. It you see it for cheap, stock up like its 1999.

Everything's right but the price.

Drinkability: 6/10
Taste: 9/10
Value: 4/10
Curb Appeal: 7/10

Overall: 6.5/10

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  1. When we were at the Rogue brewery in Newport, OR, we had a Double Dead Guy Ale. The guy told us that "double" meant that they just add double everything into the brew. Including double the price in the end.