Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brewery Ommegang's Three Philosophers Quadruple Ale

Just when you thought a triple ale was enough. Ommegang rolls in like Hulk Hogan through a brick wall saying "Damn NOOOO!!!!!". This review is all about their Three Philosopher Quadruple Ale in a quintuple faceted examination. Brewery review neatly filed here.

Facet #1 - This shit is 9.7% and any decent student at a state school fondly calls it "blackout juice". I'm not a mathematician, however, I think this magnum equates to an easy sixer of Rolling Rock. Because no matter how much Rolling Rock you drink, you never get drunk. Did you ever notice that? Or did you just dry heave after your first one and vow to never drink Rolling Rock again. Remember when Rolling Rock wasn't bad when it was brewed in Latrobe and the only downside was that Latrobe smelled like Gary, Indiana after a spring shower? God Gary stinks to high-hell.

Facet #2 - New York beer pretty much stinks. For as much volume as they put out in NY, it also tastes a little too "New York" for me. This is a Belgian style ale so it doesn't taste like your run of the mill New York swill.

Facet #3 - Cool bottle; works a a weapon. Works good for the average female boozehound walking the streets at night. The cork top makes people know your not a jag-bag; a jag perhaps.

Facet #4 - Reasonably priced. You can get this for about $12 at your local party store. You DO like to party; don't you? After a few of these you won't be able to say "party", you animal.

Facet #5 - Bittersweet aroma, bold, pungent taste. Stings the nostrils. Malty as the dickens with chocolate hints mixed with a piney goodness with spice.

They use a handful of malts; notably Pils, Amber, Caramel, Munich and my favorite "Special"...Xtra. Their hops are limited to Spalt Select and Stryrian Golding. The IBU is a mere 19, which is surprisingly low. Go figure, and you thought you knew everything about beer you dummy.

I picked this bastard up in a triple threat pack for a song...the set was about $25. I don't care for Belgium or New York but this is a palatable Belgian. Heavy, malty, filling. These are a few of my favorite things. If you can drink more than 3 in a sitting you are the king. Don't pass up this at your local boozehole.

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Drinkability: 6/10
Taste: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Curb Appeal: 8/10

Overall: 7.0/10

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