Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Floyd Brewing Company's Pride and Joy American Ale

American Ale, anything less would an abomination. You like America, don't you? You cuss!

So we reviewed Three Floyds here.  I always like reviewing beers from a brewery we've already reviewed because it's way easier and usually a LOT more nonsense. So if you don't like nonsense, go back to reading your sister's diary and let the grown ups talk. And drink your Yoo Hoo.

So you wanna hear about the beer, grandma? Alright. It's an American Ale, which is a fancy way to say "we dunno what it is". Essentially, its a sweet Pale Ale. And when I say "sweet" I don't mean "totally badical". It's pretty good. I can chug the crap out of it and it has a relatively light head to it, like Jack Balloonhead. Remember him? Yeah, well, I made him up, but you get the idea.

So the biggest problem I have with this beer is the label. As you can clearly see it's a picture of Freakazoid's meth addict cousin in his pajamas with a stick! Now, that sounds good, but it fails upon execution. I respect the 20 sided die on it, along with the grenade and skull. But it looks like something a high school senior would design after listening to White Zombie and playing pogs all night. moooree hummaannn than hummaannn. Whoever let that guy do movies should be shot. I wouldn't trust Rob Zombie shine my shoes. C'mon.

Stuff is 5.0% ABV which is the equivalent to PBR; so it's not winning any awards there. I mean if you can't beat PBR, who ARE you? It's got a little hop in its step, 52 IBUs.

Overall, the beer taste pretty good. Light enough to chug and tasty enough to have a backpack full, but it's a pretty bad label. I'd be embarrassed to be seen with it. Like if I was at the local watering hole, what am I gonna say to a nice lass? "Oh hey, don't mind this beer but do you wanna make out while listening to the Deftones?" I mean, you just can't be taken serious; and I'm all about being serious, f'real.

In hind site, would I get it again? Sure, if it was on tap. Would I shoot the $10 on a 6-pack? If I wanted to die a virgin, definitely. Listen. If I'm gonna die a virgin, it's gonna be on MY terms. Not the jerk on the label, the jerk. And your a jerk if you like the label, you jerk. Jerk.

Drinkability: 8/10
Taste: 6/10
Value: 4/10
Curb Appeal: 2/10

Overall: 5.0/10


  1. Enough hatred for the label. It's not that bad. And this is basically 3 floyds lightest offering. Go try some of the heavier stuff.

  2. Not to take anything away from Floyd's, but when are we going to get a review for Mickey's grenades? Or some Old German? or some Dark Horse Lager? Or something a stout chested, grizzle-backed man would drink? Love the site though!