Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stoudts Scarlet Lady E.S.B.

Well, first things first...I don't normally drink much outside of my favorite realm of stouts and porters. However, it's hotter than Ashley Judd today and anything dark like that might kill me. I mowed my damn lawn at noon, like a jackass, then I was dying of thirst. Immediately afterwards I really felt that I needed to affirm myself as good homeowner and have myself a beer. I grabbed myself a Stoudts Scarlett Lady E.S.B. Yet another fine beer from the great state of Pennsylvania. 
Adamstown to be exact, known as the antiques capital of the United States and also Pa's first mocrobrewery started in 1987. That is about all there is to Adamstown. Old shit and beer. So anyway back in the days of chicks having big hair, shoulder pads, dudes had even bigger hair and equally as much makeup and the swill of the world (light beer) was really being pushed, these fine folks had the gumption to start brewing good beer. Thanks Stoudts!
There is no real stigma to this stuff so I don't have a lot to work off of other than this, no one can keep this in stock around here at bars. None at distributors or anywhere else. So whomever you are that is buying all the Scarlett Lady I'll have you know when I find you we are either gonna have a dance off or share a brew. Actually better yet, share a few brews then prompty have a dance off. That should be much more amusing. Then video it...and post it on ilovethesauce.
Taste wise this stuff is really crisp and just enough bite of hops to not make my face pucker tigher than my arse. I never really understood the whole intense hops, this stuff however it just right. 
I think I paid about $9.99 or so for the sixer which for something that is actually enjoyable you could definitely do worse on vale. 
5.0% ABV and I have already made it through two of these and I feel pretty sweet but that might have been because it is so damned Catherine Bell outside...err hot.
Drinkability: 8/10
Taste: 7/10
Value: 6/10
Overall: 7.25/10

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  1. I'm just happy im not the one with the worse grammar and spelling anymore.
    I love your east coast font representin'!